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Possibilities instead of Fear

“Don’t keep fear, only care for yourself and for others. Don’t worry about your dear ones. Bless them with your positive intention & your thoughts. Live life with love, smile & grace.” Shiva Guruji Himalaya Master from Himalaya & Life Transformer

Living without fear: Total fearlessness, it becomes reality through reconnecting with yourself, the core of your being. You detach yourself from past experiences, from what other people say, from what you have heard or read about. Through Shiva Dhyan Yoga, these powerful breath meditations, you become Master over your mind and emotions and you can start exploring all possibilities, which life is offering.

There might be decisions we have taken long ago internally and we go back to these past experiences. Make sure that you have the power over the circumstances and that you are not governed by past situations and behaviors. Become Master over these fears and don’t adapt to them. Fear keeps people away from participating, from expressing themselves, from doing what they are able to do and from living their life fully.

The Himalayan breath meditation method gives you the power to release the fears and to be totally free from them. You have the freedom to choose! Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditations give you the courage to try out new ways and overcome past patterns, which block you.

Living a life of possibilities it means living in creation, in the Here and Now, away from fear and doubt. From nowhere to Now and Here, to the present: Then you can understand, the present is a present, a great gift!

Human beings tend to be pulled from the present to the past, influenced by past memories and happenings.

“Blue Shiva” Energy Painting on canvas by Shiva Guruji, 60x80cm, mixed media. Shiva is holding the hand in the hand gesture, mudra, which is called “abhay mudra”. It means “fearlessness”. When you practice the first Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation holding both hands in this mudra, keeping the back of the hand on your legs with the hand palms opened towards the sky, focusing on your breath, you feel aligned with yourself and you become totally fearless.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives you the ability to go into your future and to come from future to the present. “Don’t bring your past into your future. Don’t bring the decisions you have made in the past into your future and set yourself limitations. Be free and see the world of possibilities”, Shiva Guruji advises.

“Possibility is a vision, a mission, a goal from future to the present. It changes the life game entirely. At very stage, possibility gives us the power of freedom to create.

Aim, aspire and achieve! Change your mood into work energy & take action with force in time. It will bring the sun light quality into your life!”

When something happens, we tend to immediately react, evaluating, drawing conclusions, giving our opinion, taking action. We give meaning to what has happened forgetting that what has actually happened is different from the meaning we give to it. We then see our lives and ourselves in the reality as we interpret resulting in frustration. From there we create our life stories, with our own point of view, influenced by our own conditioning.

That is not who we are. Possibility exists always. Possibility moves things around until our experience and circumstances that we are going to create match.Through Shiva Dhyan Yoga Meditations you start seeing the possibility instead of the problem.

SHIVA means Synergy Horizon In Vast Aspect of what is possible! Dhyan means Focus and Yoga, it is the union with yourself, with who you really are.

Love life and live life with love. It is a source of infinite, pure possibility. We construct realities and forget we were the ones who constructed them. This limits the possibilities we actually see and we or resist or accept the reality from that limited perspective.

That is not who we are. Shiva Dhyan Yoga liberates you from these illusions, from conditioning, from fear, from past patterns and opens you up to the infinity of possibilities. These meditations take you out of the reality you created yourself and you stop defining who you are through your patterns, past and mindset. Freed from these filters to your perception, you open up to new worlds and possibilities.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga awakens your awareness, you realize who you are and get to know your inner self, divine and creative power. It is a process of self-realization and self-recognition by your own soul through your own breath. It is a recognition of living being in union with the higher consciousness of cosmic creativity of the existence, the nature.

Through Shiva Dhyan Yoga fear and doubt dissolve you actually realize, that your true nature is ultimate truth, consciousness and beauty. You realize that the highest energy, which is the essence of all life, it is in you. And this is true freedom: Freedom to be who you are.

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