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Creation by Vision & Visualization

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Creation (Sristi) exists, because we see it (dristi). What is seen, it depends on the seer.

The entire creation, what we see, it is created by the seer. The seer is not perceived as passive but as the Creator: What she/he sees, it exists, it gets created.

God wishes to see, so the entire creation is presented by the creative power, called Maya, the illusion.

Everybody has experienced the dream state, when the mind projects an experience based on previous impressions. It is not real, although we experience it while dreaming.

From the waking to the dream state, the reality gets veiled and the projections start.

Similarly in what we see as reality in the waking state, it seems that what we see is separate from us. In fact what we see in the world, it is the result of our karma out of which our mind projects a world of experience.

When you realize that what you see is your Creation, you can become Creator.

You don’t perceive yourself as a limited person anymore, you become creator and you are the one bringing about revolutionary change. When you experience through Shiva Dhyan Yoga that everything is One and that Thy is omnipresent, in you and around you, then you can create whatever you wish. Then you are truly liberated.

As you see the world, the world will appear to you. How you perceive the world, the world will show itself before you. Whatever your vision is according to the world, it is like that the world will appear before you. When your vision changes, then your creation will change. If you always see good, listen good and speak good, then you will bring about positive changes in your life. Whenever you see Light, darkness disappears.

How you see the things (Dristi/Drushti = Vision & Visualization) determines how the reality is (Sristi/Srushti=Creation). Your Vision and visualization will have a direct impact on the reality. With your Vision & Visualization you can create the reality.

Visualize your dream, what you wish to create and make it happen!

Your life depends on your own vision and visualization!

If you see the beauty, your life will become beautiful. Change your vision and create happiness! Think positive and be grateful for whatever you have.

While dreaming, the world in the dream seems to be real. However, when you wake up, you realize that it was just a dream, a projection of your mind, unconscious and subconscious. It existed because you, the dreamer, have seen it. Similarly, when you are awake, the world exists, because you are aware of it. As you perceive the world, the world exists. The creation (Sristi), the phenomenal Universe, it is the projection of the mind.

That is why, create with your visions & visualization happiness & positivity! Visualize your dream & it becomes reality!

The world appears what one wants to see it as.

Those with a divine vision, they see Divinity in everything. There are different levels of the ability to see (dristi): we can see the physical and material dimension with the two eyes. Through Shiva Dhyan Yoga your awareness is awakened and transcending the material dimension, you can see the divine, the light, the beauty and the Goodness in the world. You can see that the essence of all is light. From that vision, you are able to see the creation in its beauty and divinity.

You are able to live life with awareness, acceptance of everything and everyone and in that state you are truly free. You are free from worry, fear and doubt, you are free from judgment and limitation. You see the realm of infinite possibilities instead of problems. Shiva Dhyan Yoga takes you from the known to the unknown, revealing the light of life to you, in you and around you, taking you to the ultimate experience of self-realization and enlightenment.

Om Namah Shivaya

Shiva Guruji Himalaya

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