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Big Energy Switch

What makes the Big Energy Switch in you Switch ON and what makes it Switch OFF:

Shiva Guruji says: KNOW SELF: See yourself in the universal Light & not in the darkness of the past. Know yourself, know who you are. Say YES to Self, to your Vision & Mission. Look into the mirror and smile with yourself. Knowing yourself switches the ENERGY Switch in You ON. Thinking negative about yourself and about others switches it off. Knowing yourself switches the main switch to connect with God ON. Make sure you switch this main Switch ON to connect with the divine & also utilize the energy. Where your thoughts go, your energy flows. Make sure you are using your mind for making & creating yourself beautifully. Transform your mind from monkey (with thoughts going here & there, everywhere) to MONK, regaining focus & ability to direct your thoughts consciously towards the positive results & experiences in your life. You have to first know yourself. your SELF = Soul Eternal Life Force. Know you are SOUL = Self Omnipresent Universal Light. Speak as Master of your Life. Create, contribute and complete yourself first. Then create, contribute and complete in your job. SMILE with yourself & others. Speak as Love Master. Appreciate Gold in yourself & others. See possibilities. Keep the Switch of your Energy in Your hands. Don’t give it to others. Don’t switch it off because of what others say, because of gossip etc. Appreciate the Gold in yourself & in others. Appreciation, acknowledgment – starting with yourself seeing yourself in front of the mirror and appreciating yourself – it will Switch your Energy ON. Then appreciate others. See the GOLD in others. MEDITATION MAGIC: Shiva Dhyan Yoga is an amazing energy Switch, allowing you to Switch your energy ON. Contribute where you can with your time, talent & treasure. Givers get, says Shiva Guruji. the more you give, the more you get. SMILE, Greeting, meeting, APPRECIATING, talking positively. Every thought, every word & act is Creation. Imagine future from future. PRACTICE: As yourself, How can I improve? How can I avoid my energy being wasted or strained? When you do Shiva Dhyan Yoga, don’t think about your job. When you are working on your job, don’t think about other people or spirituality. Keep a “spiritual switch” and a “job switch” and don’t mix both the domains. CONCEPT of co-creation, coordinate, cooperation, completion, sense of equality in work, co-work dynamic, duet dialogue. Magic of SHARED DREAMS: Work in Dream Team. WE can do, WE can achieve. CONTEXT: always remember PURPOSE why you are doing something. Dream Team focuses on dialogue, shared ideas & goals. CONTENT: multi-thinking, aspects of awareness awakened, collective collaborative creation. Be with the divine. Don’t break your head on others issues. Don’t keep on your head the past, what happened, negativity of others. Become enthusiastic & keep your smile always on. Always see the possibilities. Always think about “How can I contribute”.

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