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Awakening & Enlightenment

“Our enlightenment keys to supreme consciousness lead to your own entering into light” explains Master Shiva Guruji.

New Online Sunday Course for Women
Start: March 24 



15 Sessions 

+ 3 Additional Sessions (Questions & Answers) 


+ special initiation from Master Shiva Guruji & 1 guiding session as a gift

+ Shiva Dhyan Yoga Master Teacher Programme

+ course manual with explanations for each session

Discover new perspectives on life and the power in you. This new life-changing online course takes you to a whole new level of spiritual transcendence and consciousness in all dimensions of your life. Shiva Guruji will share with you the keys to awakening & enlightening and how to reach the highest state of supreme consciousness.




  1. Life Purpose, Vision, Mission & Action: Design Your Life
    This session offers a life-changing approach to finding and achieving your life vision, mission and goals.


  2. Know your Destiny & Free Will 
    Knowing your own nature & your Divine Destiny.
    Knowing time & space, understanding your life meaning help you knowing your soul goal & dream. Underneath the mind there is infinity, there is infinite spirit power to open up to abundance.
    Self-awareness exercises will take you back to your true, inner, divine Self.
    Soul Reading: You will receive 1 gifted session with Shiva Guruji who will reveal your life purpose & answer your questions.


  3.  7 Divine Dimensions – 7 Dimensions of Awareness
    How to transcend the different layers of our being & enter bliss state


  4. Living Life with Consciousness :
    Stages of awakening leading to your path to Enlightenment.
    Enlightenment is the magic of your own entering into the light.
    Everybody has own path towards enlightenment.


  5. Energy Enhancing, Encompassing & Enchanting
    About Energy & how to enhance & expand your energy & aura.
    Special Exercise: Himalayan Energy Meditations


  6. Dimension of Future from Future
    Living & Loving Life Strategy . Be Unstoppable: Movement towards future
    – Aim, Aspire & Achieve. Creating new story for women of the world from where you are now & what you are going to do from here..


  7. Heaven & Hell - Joy & Sorrow 
    Knowing Light of Life, Passion, Perseverance & Performance


  8. Infinity - Inquiry - Intuition 
    Transforming Potentiality into Possibility – Transforming your Life


  9. Darshan - Vision - Visualization - Being Visionary 
    Levels of seeing and perceiving. How to see beyond the physical dimension and create with your Vision & Visualization Your reality.


  10.  11 Dimensions of Cosmic Life 
    Creation & Completion : In the 11 dimensions reside all possibilities, laws of nature, every beginning and end, an infinity of universes. Gain an understanding of how to navigate through 11 dimensions of cosmic life.


  11. Light - Illumination - Imagination : Illumination, Enlightenment - It is a natural state of being awakened, of knowing your Magnificent &  Multi-dimensional inner Self.

  12. Perception - Time & Space
    Dream & Reality of Existence
    Living in present & from future to future.
    Everything happens in time & space. What is possible from now & here from nowhere.


  13. Self, Soul & Mind Control for Joy & Bliss 
    How to gain self-mastery & attain a higher state of consciousness, knowing yourself, your  mind, your thoughts, action, speech & senses.


  14. Enlightenment - Self & World
    Realization & Revelation. Being Spiritually Enlightened:
    What is Enlightenment? How can I be Enlightened?


  15. Knowledge & Truth with Beyond- Dimensions 
    Know the truth about samadhi, gaining the enlightening experience, learning the higher energy, vibrations & frequencies. Awakening step to raise yourself to SOUL = Self Omnipresent Universal Life


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