Enlightenment & Energy
Leadership of your Life 

Online Course for Women
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“Our enlightenment keys to supreme consciousness lead to your own entering into light” explains Master Shiva Guruji.

Saturday, 12.2. - 21.5.22, 9-11am CET

12 Sessions Enlightenment & Energy 

+ 3 Additional Sessions (Questions & Answers) 


+ special initiation from Master Shiva Guruji & 1 guiding session as a gift

+ 1 gifted Vedic Astrology Soul Reading from Shivani Himalaya

+ course manual with explanations for each session

+ access to video recording of the course for revision

In 12 sessions Master Shiva Guruji will share with you the keys of self-revelation, self-realization self-consciousness & highest state of supreme consciousness.

This state is also called “Oneness”, “Nirvana”, “Shivahood” or “Christ Consciousness”.

Enlightenment is knowing & experiencing this higher state of consciousness, removing the major karma blocks & SOUL = Self Omnipresent Universal Light showed the truth, crystal clear reality.




  1. Energy & Essence of Enlightenment

It is a natural state of being awakened, of knowing your state Your Magnificent Multi-dimensional Self.

Being Spiritually Enlightened: What is Enlightenment? How can I be Enlightened?

About Energy & how to enhance & expand your energy & aura.

Special Exercise: Mahamudra  & Himalayan Energy Meditations


2. Destiny & Divine Destination:

Knowing Time & Space & Your Divine Design

The life goal life mission is knowing your own nature.

Knowing the time & space, understanding your life purpose, life meaning, vision & mission help you know your soul goal & dream.

Underneath the mind there is infinity, there is infinite spirit power to open up to abundance. Know your divine design.

Self-awareness exercises will take you back to your true, inner, divine Self.

Vedic Soul Astrology: You will receive 1 gifted session with Shivani Himalaya who will reveal your potential & answer your questions.

 3. Self-Mastery & Higher Consciousness

You gain self- mastery knowing your mind, knowing yourself, knowing your thoughts, controlling thoughts, knowing action, speech & senses.

Focus on self-control & self-mastery, achieving a higher state of consciousness.

How to transcend the different layers of our being & enter bliss state


4. Being & Becoming - Awakened & Enlightened

Awakening, process of awareness.

Becoming creative with clear consciousness, knowing truth about samadhi, gaining the enlightening experience, learning the higher energy, vibrations & frequencies

Awakening step to raise yourself to SOUL = Self Omnipresent Universal Life


5. Nature & Nature Mirroring

Enjoying nature mirroring yourself with nature in meditation, seeing the sky, the  sun rise & sun sets.

Know your spiritual growth, know your nature, be with nature mirroring, self & spiritual substance.

Be in Synchronization Harmony Intuition Vibration Appreciation,

higher consciousness, frequencies & vibrations

6. Action with Awareness

Understanding of Karma Yoga with higher consciousness.

There is a simple and practical path of good karma, good action, good thinking & great creation towards happiness & higher consciousness.

Gain clarity of Karma Yoga, the Yoga of Action & Creation along with Dhyana Yoga, consciousness of concentration & meditation.


7. Divine System of Self, Synergy & Harmony with Humanity.

Who I am? What am I? Where are we?

Self-examination: Knowing yourself, your divine dream & divine design.

Creating impact for your human environment and relationships.

Having a Sense of purpose, sensibility, sensitivity & sentiments,

Synchronize Self, Humanity, Innovation, Velocity, Awareness.

 8. Infinity & Infinite Possibility of Life & Love

Experiencing & Exploration – Awaken the Energy Shakti within

Peace & Prosperity with Awareness, not with assumption

With powerful accuracy seeing the heart of self as unique & special.

Awakening & Energizing Energy Shakti with Kundalini Awakening.


9. Fortune Future Forward

Living in present & from future to future.

What is possible from now & here from nowhere.

Everything happens in time & space.

Be Unstoppable: Movement towards future – Aim, Aspire & Achieve

Creating new story for women of the world from where you are now & what you are going to do from here.

Creation with integrity, imagination, vision & mission of your life.

10. Your Soul's Adventure & Stages of Awakening

Stages of awakening leading to your path to Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the magic of your own entering into the light.

Everybody has own path towards enlightenment.

Enlightenment is knowing yourself, who you are, what you are, what is your purpose  & your meaning in this life, knowing your nature of reality.

Move from being to becoming what you want to be.

You are the heroine of your story.  

We are creator of our actions. We are creator of our life.

 11. Self -Manifestation: Creation, Creativity & Contribution

We are all part of the whole.

Realize it & use your power of manifestation & creation from the space of higher consciousness

Remove the obstacles to untapping the creative power.


12. Consciousness & Enlightenment. Yes To Life & Yes To Light.

Happiness is being in Synchronization with Sky.

Our soul and outer soul is one.

A Whole New World Awaits.


+ 3 Additional Sessions:

  • Revision of key Enlightenment & Energy Course Essence

  • Questions & Answers: Master Shiva Guruji answers the soul’s most profound spiritual questions.

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