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Destiny & Free Will

Are our lives ruled by Destiny, pre-determined fate, or by our own free will?

Fate brings opportunities into your life and with the free will decides whether or not you take them.

Fate englobes all the potential possibilities of your life and you can decide with your free will, which of these opportunities you are taking, which chances you are using or not.

Shiva Guruji says, you have Free will of Karma (Action): Do good actions without expectations and be free. Work as a worship and contribute to humanity with your talent, time and treasure.

Be your own best friend and love yourself. You can be your friend or inner enemy. Never give up on your dreams.

Creative dreams, life vision, will power and your own efforts are key to shape your future.

Past is the past. Today you can take good actions, which will bear fruits tomorrow.

Nobody will live your life for you – it is up to you to take your life into your hands. Take the good decisions to get the results, which you want to see in your life.

Life is a balance between destiny and free will.

When you manage to transform your mind patterns and align with your divine nature with your thinking, speaking & acting, you will get good results from it. On the contrary, with negative thoughts, words & deeds good destiny can be delayed. 

If you want to see a change in your life, there is something which you need to change from within starting with your thought patterns: Think of what you want to see happen in your life, directing your energy in a positive way towards that.

When you use your free will in blaming and complaining, you can delay your good fate to manifest. Use your free will to move you forward instead.

Are you awake? Do you hear the voice of your soul?

The more you practice Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation, the more you become aware. You are not living your life on autopilot anymore, sleeping, going to work, going home, sleeping, getting up and repeating it - you are able to do your duties with awakened awareness, to work as a worship and to take consciously decisions, which are aligned with your inner, divine nature and SELF = Soul Eternal Life Force.

When you are in this state of awakened awareness, you don’t miss opportunities anymore. You will recognize the chances destiny brings to you.

It is important to realize: We are not victim of what is happening in our lives – what is decisive is how we respond to it. How we act, it is in our hands. The destiny is the result of our actions, not our actions itself. Our actions are in our hands. And there free will comes into play. With our free will we decide upon our actions, which will bear their fruits. 

Our life is determined less by what happens to us and more by how we respond to it because destiny determines the consequence of our actions, not our actions itself.Destiny is about things which are not in our control whereas freewill is about what is in our control. We cannot determine what is going to happen, but we always have the option to choose our responses.

Awakening Awareness

When we awaken our awareness, we can more and more align with our divine nature and the divine force, which is omnipresent, all-pervading. As a result, we can more and more take responsible choices in our lives. We build a strong connection with the divine within ourselves and experience synergies and synchronicities in our lives. We understand that we have the infinity of possibilities in ourselves. We have the potential of Goddess in ourselves. We then no longer depend on others to shape our lives, but we can use this power of creator in ourselves.

In the awakened state of consciousness, we transcend the ego and we do not think anymore of how other people are hurting us and how we can pay back to them or how insulting it was. We can then focus on our own life vision, mission and goals and make it happen – using our free will constructively, positively and with awareness. We do not fall prey anymore to our own negative emotions and memories, but instead we can remain aligned with the divine within ourselves and consciously direct our thoughts and energy towards the positive results, which we are wishing for. We don’t dwell anymore on what is not working or not happening, but instead focus on what we want to create, what we want to experience in our lives. With our free will we can choose how to create a beautiful life, which we love and how we are going to respond to the events, which destiny brings into our lives.

With free will you choose which actions you are taking or not.

Destiny will give you a myriad of options to choose from – with your free will you choose.

Freedom of life force, it is the root of the universe and all living beings.

Human beings have the ability to use this life force and their power of creator with awakened awareness. Yes, there are universal laws such as the law of karma, which says that for each action there will be equal reaction as law of cause and effect. But we do have our free will to decide on our thoughts, words & actions.

When we can see challenges as opportunities, we can overcome them and grow beyond our comfort zone. Life is not dictated by circumstances, we can actively shape our lives using our free will consciously with prayers, patience and positive performance.

When your awareness is awakened, you are able to use your free will with focus and deliberation. You will be proactive and not give up when challenges come into your life.

Adverse impact from past actions can be attenuated with the good karma of today, prayers and Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditations. When you understand you have a free will, which you can choose for your own good, you will stop waiting for someone or something to happen, you will take responsibility here & now for your own life. Nobody can live your life for you – it is up to you to do so.

Shivani Himalaya once asked Shiva Guruji, “Did you become a Guru by Destiny or by Free Will?”Shiva Guruji said, “By Both!” —  Knowing that who I am  is destiny, Creation in future is free will,

Shiva Guruji lives happily in the present moment. This is wisdom.

A strong body can carry a weak mind, but a weak mind can’t carry a strong body – mind power, mind clarity and purity in heart are key to live life happily. Uplift your spirit with free will, transcend & transform. Rely on your self-effort in the present. You can decide on the actions to take consciously – you don’t have to surrender to the circumstances and fate.

You have freedom to choose your thoughts, words and deeds. Using your free will consciously, letting yourself be guided by your inner wisdom, you become actor in your life. You are not merely reacting anymore, you are actively shaping your future.

Be aware – divine messages come many times and fate keeps bringing you opportunities. Be aware to see it and to take the opportunities life presents you.

Realize, you have to take action – or nothing will truly change. Fate yes, it brings you opportunities – but you have to take action and take them.

Avidhya, ignorance, will make way to Vidhya, knowledge, divine inner knowledge through Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation. You will more and more become aware of what is real and what it not real, what is worth pondering upon and working for and what is not worth.

What is more powerful, destiny or free will?

Destiny is the fruits of our past karma, our previous actions we took with our free will. Our karma in this life will shape our destiny in future lives.

Whatever has happened, it has happened. Don’t dwell on it, don’t feel bad about it, don’t grieve about it. Rise up! Think about your Future! What is your Dream? What is Your Vision? What do you need to do it to realize it? Your future is in your hands.

Fate and free will we have – and the ultimate power it is God’s will and God’s grace. Remember the power of divine who makes you breathe, thanks to which you are alive and you have been given this life as a gift. It is the supreme force, which pervades the universe and entire existence. It is the living force in all creation.  It is the essence of all. When we truly realize it, our will, will be aligned with the divine will.

Om Namah Shivaya

Shiva Guruji Himalaya

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