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The Self

Shiva Guruji gifts the universal knowledge of Himalaya Sat Chit Ananda – I am the Truth, Consciousness & Bliss. 

Shivoham  - I am SHIVA, Synergy Harmony In Vast Awareness.

The primary focus of Shiva Dhyan Yoga and spiritual knowledge is to reply to the question “Who am I”. It is about the Self, your inner being, the core of your existence.

Due to illusion, it appears that I exist as in individual in this universe. 

Everything else is other than me. Through Shiva Dhyan Yoga you become aware of your true inner self and you realize that everything is One. It is a state of Oneness, of the higher consciousness.

Who I am? What is my life purpose? We lead our life based on the underlying thought of who we are and that is why it is so important to realize who we really are, our true, inner self.

Throughout our life, we are continuously engaged in action to gain, acquire or achieve something. When seeking an object, it is for the purpose to get something else. Continuing this search and race, where will it end?Fundamentally, we are searching for happiness, eternal life, knowledge and awareness. I am looking for something, because I believe, it will give me happiness. At the same time, I want to be liberated from any kind of sorrow and burden.Inherently we are looking for happiness and as per our beliefs and mindset of what will give me happiness, there are different means to it. We remember the happy moments and wish to live this happiness all the time, which results in a continuous search for happiness.We fundamentally strive for lasting happiness. Another human pursuit is eternal life. Human beings do not want to die. This is the reason why sometimes people wish to become immortal by getting a name, fame, through monuments and their work. We want to stay healthy and survive as long as possible. This urge for survival exists in all beings. The third main human quest is for knowledge and awareness. Human beings want to know, understand and be aware of things. We do not want to live in ignorance. We learn knowledge about many things, because we want to know them. Happiness, immortality, knowledge and consciousness, these are the main human quests at the origin of our desires and attempts of achievement. It is a quest from within for every living being, to be continuously, infinitely happy, to have an eternal life and to be all-knowing.“I” have this wants. Who is this “I”? I brings us back to the core question, of “Who Am I”?According to our notion of self-identity, we actually live our lives. We might not be fully aware of who we are or what we think of who we are. We might just live on assumption about it. “I am the body” is one of these assumptions when we think in terms of physical state, when we suffer from pain in the body or when we enjoy pleasure.“I am the mind” is implied when we think “I am happy” or “I am unhappy”, when we like or dislike somebody. We identify ourselves with our mind, when we are driven by desires, emotions, likes and dislikes, judgment and opinion. As a mind, I am the one perceiving the emotions.“I am the intellect” is another assumption, implied when I am thinking, when I think “I know”. Based on this notion, what we do in life, we do it for the sake of our body, mind and intellect. In reality, I am not the body, I am not the mind & I am also not the intellect.These three are faculties of which I am aware. I do not depend on them.The Self is our true identity and once we know, who we really are, we can live our lives accordingly. I am not the mind, body, nor intellect. I am the soul. I am the Self. My true nature it is Sat Chit Ananda, Truth, Consciousness & Bliss.This inner self, it is unaffected by any change or modification on physical, mental, emotional or intellectual level nor by any external circumstances. The inner Self it is always happy, it is always true, it is always blissful and aware. It is immortal and without change beyond time and space, it is pure and absolute consciousness, happiness and bliss. It is the absolute reality, my essential nature, independent of time and space. It means it is without beginning, it has always existed. It is infinite without end and it will never cease to exist. It is imperishable, indestructible and therefore eternal and immortal. It is all-pervading and not limited by space. It is immovable, because there is no space where it does not exist. It is without form. This true Self it is Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. It is not limited by any condition, attributes or anything. It is the most subtle of all. It is un-manifested, beyond perception of the senses. It is unaffected by anything. It is changeless and will always remain. It is free of all modifications, it cannot decay.This is our true nature, free from change. This is who we really are, free from birth, death, ageing and unhappiness. This inner Self it is free from the outer conditions. It is my essential nature. Consciousness is about the Self.Consciousness intelligently organizes itself and operates its operations.

It is called awareness of self-realization or self-consciousness.Due to consciousness, the mind and intellect function and we can learn about things.With awakened awareness, people can take the right actions according to their true inner nature and divine design of their destiny.Consciousness illuminates the objects, thoughts and emotions and thanks to consciousness the intellect functions. There is no impact on consciousness of the conditions of the object that the consciousness illuminates.Consciousness always exists, independently from mind, intellect and body. Consciousness gives awareness of my knowledge and also the illusions.I am awareness, consciousness. This is our real nature. Consciousness is self-organized, it is not ruled by anything else. It is not ruled by any idea. If you do something wrong due to unawareness, you divert a possibility of yourself.Instead of self-realized, self-conscious, you become objectionable in the outer dimension.

One has to be organized within yourself, so that you do not become someone else, which you are not due to wrong decisions of the past. The investigation of the divine tradition is that one has to have a detailed investigation of the self-intelligent patterns of movement and what has not worked correctly.The fundamental nature is that movement and out of this positive movement you have to create. Whatever is not working is gyana bhanda, the knowledge, which cages you. It is the knowledge of contradiction, a closed knowledge.Truly, there is nothing, that is separate from the core consciousness.There is no separate entity or object. You see the appearance of differences. In fact, there is no separation.Remember that you are the Universe.When you forget that you are the Universe in the limitation of I-Me-Mine, your vision is limited. Live in the present of creator and don’t listen from the past.The conscious is undifferentiated knowledge.There is only one God consciousness.All bondage makes you small and stops the movement of the Universe.All metaphysical beliefs are imaginary concepts of thinkers.There is no diversity. It is a diversity of the mind. Gyana jagrata, it is the awakening knowledge.The knower of truth thinks “I do not do anything”.Bad acts and illusion are a bondage.The universe is created by subtle sound.Use the language to spread goodness.The sound creates letters, letters create words to make a difference in the world. In the highest state of Consciousness you will find the power of absolute free will.Shiva Dhyan Yoga takes you to this stage of highest consciousness and awareness. You realize who you really are. You are whole and complete. Your true nature it is fullness, it is without any wants or desires. It is completeness, pure happiness and bliss. Your Self idoes not become happy, it is always blissful, it is bliss itself.Our mind becomes happy or unhappy, but our Self is Happiness.The sun is always light, even when a cloud creates a shadow. In the same way, our inner Self is always Bliss, independently from the state of mind.I am happiness itself! I can get happiness for a certain time from the realization of goals and achievement of objects. When you realize who you are, you realize that you are actually Happiness! You do not depend on the outer objects. This is your true nature, Truth, Consciousness & Bliss!Shiva Dhyan Yoga connects you with your inner Self and gives you the experience of Bliss!It is beyond the state of happiness on mental level, which is temporary, when I get an object or achieve a goal. It is a profound, permanent state of bliss. It is a realization of who you are, a direct experience.This Happiness derived from the experience with the inner Self, it is a state of awakened awareness, it is a state free from desires and wants. It is a realization of the Truth, the inner Self and essential nature.I am Sat-Chit-Ananda, Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. I am free from all limitations, I am whole and complete. I am Consciousness, which is unlimited by space and time. My Self is infinite and everlasting happiness. Body, mind and intellect have no life on their own. They function because of the consciousness. The consciousness does not perform activities. Thanks to the consciousness, body, mind and intellect can operate as per their own functions, which are independent from the consciousness, from the inner self. Actions are performed by the body, mind and intellect, not by the consciousness but thanks to the consciousness. It is the body, which experiences pleasure or pain. The mind can experience happiness and sorrow. Similarly, the intellect can gain knowledge. The inner Self is not affected by it. The inner self is not the performer of action or the one experiencing the outcome. The inner Self, it is always the Truth, Consciousness & Bliss. There are three main states: the waking state, the dreaming state & the deep sleep state. Our mind, intellect and body go through these states. When sleeping deeply, the mind and intellect are asleep, they are not operating. When dreaming, the mind projects images in the dream. In the waking state, body, mind and intellect are operating.The inner Self is beyond these three states and does not get affected by it.The Self enables us to experience on the level of body, mind and intellect. However, the true Self cannot be experienced by them. Through Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation, your awareness is awakened and you realize your true, inner nature. You are searching until you realize your true inner identity: you are already Sat Chit Ananda, Truth, Consciousness & Bliss. This is your true nature, your immortal existence. You are already what you are looking for!We are trying to become what we already are. Not knowing it, we keep looking for something. In Shiva Dhyan Yoga and through Shiva Guruji as truly God-realized Master, you realize who you really are. The Enlightened Master can give you this self-realization! You realize who you already are: Sat Chit Ananda, Truth, Consciousness & Bliss!

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