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Shiva Guruji explains the A-Z of time management

Om Namah Shivaya

Shiva Guruji explains the A-Z of time management and how to share and contribute with your time, treasure (the resources) and talent to the world in a self - realized humanity:

A: Awaken Awareness

B: Being, Becoming

C: Creation, Creating

D: Divine - becoming a Divine

E: Eternal - being Eternal Expansion

F: Fantastic, Futuristic, From the Future to the Future

G: Giving Grace, GOD, Giving only Divine is your way of being human, a Giver in the world and universal world

H: Harmony, Heaven, Harmonious with hard work: whatever you work, be in Harmony with Humanity

I: Inspiration, Innovation, Inclination, Implementation, Intentions and constantly creating something for the world, for your world and the universal world

J: Joy, being in Joy, in the present moment

K: Kindness, be Kind

L: Love your Life, Live your Life with unconditional Love

M: Management of time, Magnificence, Meditating, Moving forward

N: New - be New, say No to all Negativity

O: Omnipresent Opportunity to create, Oneness with the world living life with a dream, from the future to the future, having a vision and a mission, opening your eyes and receiving the best in the world, the best for your upliftment for your creation

P: Positivity, Potential, Possibilities, living your life with time as a treasure, your time and talent using what God has gifted you with.

Q: Quality, give Quality, be spontaneous, give what you have from God’s grace, create Quality Quantum work of giving grace

R: Realization, realize what you do in a day, realize the truth, Revelation, Recreation Rejuvenation

S: Spontaneity, Spirituality, Shiva be in Synergy with humanity

T: Trust, Talent, Transformation, Transcendence

U: Universality, know your Utility, know your Use, United

V: Victorious Visionary, Vision therapy, knowing what your aim is in life

W: Wisdom, wisdom of the world, of the universe of creation

X: X-mas being a Saint woman like Santa Claus, X-factor, the X saying, no to no, no to fear, no to doubt, no to negativity, no to gossip, no to stupidity of the media, no to unwanted things

Y: YES to all the beauty in life, Yes to spirituality, Yes to grace, Yes to divinity

Z: become Zen, becoming your true self, making the world a beautiful blissful, wonderful place of happiness

Chidananda Roopah Shivoham Shivoham

Shiva Guruji says: Awakening awareness comes when we understand that we are Sat-Chit-Ananda which means, we are the truth we are the blessings we are the bliss of the universe and we are the creation.

It is important to be aware of your time, talent and treasure. God has gifted everyone with a special and unique whole and complete talent, with treasure and time, all of which are the divine resources, the divine reservoir.

By implementing our divine resources, by being ourselves we open up to the whole universe and all its possibilities and realize that the whole universe lies within our self.

In a self-realized humanity, you know your time and talent and use your treasure for creating the best in the universe because one drop in the sea can change the whole sea. In that drop of the sea, the whole sea sits, and you are that which is in the universe.

Om Namah Shivaya

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