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Sat, 16 May



Online Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teachers Training with Shiva Guruji & Shivani Himalaya

Transform your life with divine dimension &join us for a 15 Day Online Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teachers Training with Shiva Guruji & Shivani Himalaya. An intense, life-changing training, which will empower you to live the life you love & love the life you live.

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Online Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teachers Training with Shiva Guruji & Shivani Himalaya
Online Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teachers Training with Shiva Guruji & Shivani Himalaya

Time & Location

16 May 2020, 10:00 – 31 May 2020, 11:30


About the event

Transform your Life with divine dimension: Join us for 15 Days Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teachers Training with the Enlightened Master Shiva Guruji & Shivani Himalaya 

"It is all about knowing yourself, knowing who you are and understanding your life purpose", says Shiva Guruji. 

An intense, life-changing training, which will empower you to live the life you love & love the life you live! 

Whatever you are already teaching and creating, you can add Shiva Dhyan Yoga for soul and mind magic to create happiness within you and all around you. 

Sunday 16.5.2020 – Sunday 31.5.2020

- Saturday & Sunday with Shiva Guruji & Shivani Himalaya (10-11.30am)

- Tuesday & Thursday with Shivani Himalaya (7-8.00am/8.30am / + 30 minutes optional Questions & Answers) 

- Daily Online Learning: During the Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teachers Training you will receive on daily basis life-transforming written wisdom & video learnings

- Questions & Answers sessions: you will get the opportunity to ask Shiva Guruji & Shivani Himalaya questions 

- Special Gifts: 

o Magic of Mantras eBook

o Himalayan Wisdom Sayings eBook

o Miracles with the Master eBook 

o Shiva Dhyan Yoga manual eBook 

Week 1: Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teacher Training Module 1 

(Saturday 16.5 - Saturday 23.5.2020)

Knowing yourself, knowing the world, knowing the magic of your mind

• Self-awareness – Learn the Art of Awakening to know yourself, who you truly are

• Completion with your past

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 1: Consciousness Meditation for Self-Realization

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 2: Know yourself - Awaken the knowledge in you

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 3: Ham-Sa Heart Meditation – heart opening meditation for self-realization, receiving light energy and releasing what does not belong to you on mental, emotional and energy level 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 4: Awakening OM Meditation – connection to Mother Earth & expansion into the sky and cosmos – opening of all chakras, energy centers 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 5: Om Namah Shivaya Meditation – opening all chakras, energy centers within & leading to self-realization. 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 6: Shivoham Sat Chit Ananda Aham Meditation; Shivoham - Realization of "I am Shiva, the breath, nature, the energy of eternity and enlightenment"; Sat Chit Ananda Aham: I am Truth, Consciousness & Bliss  - realization that our true, inner nature is always in bliss and happiness 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 7: So-Ham Meditation – awakening of the awareness, So-Ham, "I am That" – realization of who you are & surrender to your inner Self, your true nature 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 8: Tattwam Asi Meditation – "that I am" – realizing who you are, filling yourself with the energy of existence and happiness. 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 9: Sky Meditation -  self-realization, realization that you are One with the Sky, the Universe and your Soul and inner Self. 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 10: Guru Meditation – Gu is the symbol of darkness and Ru the remover of darkness – Realize your Self through the Enlightened Master. Through the One who has reached the highest state of consciousness of a human being, you can reach the state of Enlightenment. 

Week 2: Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teacher Training Module 2

(Sunday 24.5 – Sunday 31.5.2020)

Shiva mind control transforming technique with divine design & world design

• Art of Awakening – we are going deeper and deeper on the journey to self-realization 

• Self - expression – Learn to express yourself fully, freely and as per your own nature This week is about yourself in relationship with others

• Practice how to teach Shiva Dhyan Yoga 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 11: Self-Realization – understand the power of creation, maintenance & completion 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 12: soul is a dancer – reach the state where you are in a no mind position & experience your soul dancing in bliss 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 13: Soul consciousness – experience an opening of all energy centers and rising of the Kundalini energy. Experience that your soul is consciousness. 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 14: Prakasha Aham, Chaitanya Aham – I am Light, I am Consciousness 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 15: Shivanetra – the esoteric eye of Shiva, of vision & visualization

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 16: Transcend the five senses and experience Oneness 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 17: Close the door of the senses and experience the universal energy in you. 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 18: Being in the Joy & light, experiencing freedom from within 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 19: Shiva Shakti – experience universal love in you 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga 20: Kundalini Awakening Meditation 

The Benefits of this Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teacher Training:

- you learn and experience the Art of Awakening & reach an advanced level of mastery over your mind and emotions

- you experience an Awakening of your Awareness & gain clarity about who you are and what your life purpose is

- you get a speed learning empowering you to live your life with love & love the life you live in a higher state of consciousness

- you enhance your power of imagination & creation

- you learn how to use the power of words

- you improve your special skills

- you enhance your power of visualization, vision & focus

- you learn how to teach Shiva Dhyan Yoga, the Art of Awakening & bring light and happiness into the life of others

- you gain a positive perception of yourself and the world with awakened awareness

If you have any question, feel free to reach out to Shivani Himalaya, +41765695757;

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