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Shiva Guruji about the Power of Imagination & Creation

Imagination is the creative power of Shiva, God in you.

Self Happiness Inner Vibration Aim is SHIVA in you. Imagine what you wish: close the eyes sitting on a chair or bed. Relax and imagine what you desire, what you actually want to see, feeling the inner imagination. It is a creation out in the world. Imagination is creative expression.

Experience imagination. Confirm with manifesting in words.

Believe, faith in self-conceived imagination in the mind. Make there dream, imagine here.

Smell, feel, go into the imagination. Feel, touch, act in the dream. Imagine the experience how you achieve. Enter the wheel of every seed of dream planted in imagination and it will come true in time & space. The 5 senses work in the dream. Listen, touch, smell, see. Imagine what you want. Imagination creates the reality. Ask Thy & Thy will give. Dream what you want. It is possible to create everything. Nothing is impossible. It is the power of creation in you. Believe and accomplish for yourself to obtain anything you want. Consciously. Awareness and action: going from the current to the desired state. Awareness is a higher perception.

Divine imagination creates creation infinitely.

It is infinite, omnipresent, in all form, all time, all space.

Adding 5 senses, the potential power of sensibility! Sensitivity, sensation mystically make miracles! The Law of Nature is freedom of expression in creation. The word is God – thought & Imagination, which we create. Kingdom of dream, true heaven in our truth. Imagine, imagination created our world in our own consciousness. What you think and imagine creates your life's world. The ideas and imagination you think and consciousness create reality. The world we live in is ours. The world is created in our perception, reflected in our point of view & consciousness. Consciousness creates mirrors. All we believe is true.

Heal yourself. Feeling about dis-ease is created by own imagination. Transform fear into faith, healing yourself. Prayer always brings fulfillment of desires.

Prayers answer desires. Those who believe are healed by Thy. Faith in Thy – Faith is substance of hope. Prayer, faith, wish & want create. Activate faith, which moves mountains.

It is an invisible state of creation. Faith and belief create.

All thoughts are not creative, though with emotion they move.

Unlimited imagination of creation create possibility. Have faith in what you want.

Experience the desire in imagination & heal all in you! Bring health in the existence by imagination. Change the world. Change yourself. Faith changes you. The appearance of your world is the reflection of your belief. Illusion creates.

Create, imagine & transform yourself!

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