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Enlightened Master From Himalaya


Shiva Dhyan Yoga & Shiva Sutra Master - Spiritualism Artist - 

Vedic Soul Astrologer - Soul Guide, Life Transformer & Life Coach

Shiva Guruji is an Enlightened, Spiritual Master from Himalaya. Trained by 21 Himalayan Masters in Himalaya, Shiva Guruji is Shiva Dhyan Yoga Master & Founder, Exponent of the universal knowledge from Shiva Sutra, Shiva Siddhant, having studied 64 Siddhis & 16 Vedic Arts, including Vedic Soul Astrology as well as the philosophy from the East & the West.

Shiva Guruji received Seven Light Consciousness & Enlightenment from the Enlightened Mahavatar Guru Shivanath Baba, among the 21 Masters who have trained Shiva Guruji since early childhood. 

Shiva Guruji is a Mystic Master, Poet, Painter, Philosopher & Life Transformer, 

transforming Humanity to Happiness with Blessings from SHIVA = Sky Harmony In Vibrational Awareness!

Be with your breath, be with yourself. Know your breath to know yourself.

If you know yourself, you know the world.

Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar


Know Yourself

Master Shiva Guruji is Shiva Dhyan Yoga Master and the founder of this powerful tool. Through Shiva Dhyan Yoga you gain mind clarity, focus & experience an awakening of the Kundalini energy and the awareness. 

Shiva Dhyan Yoga is an experimental meditation method based on Shiva Sutra from Kashmiri Shaivism, which was brought by Shiva Guruji from Himalaya to the world for the New Age. 


Energy Creation

Shiva Guruji introduces Spiritualism Art, the first Indian Art movement in the form of "-ism":

Enlightening lights, impressions from deep Shiva Dhyan Yoga Meditation paired with mystic symbols, powerful colors and cosmic energy: Shiva Guruji's art creation goes beyond the material dimension and touches the heart and soul of the spectator. 


Life Purpose

"I give you back to yourself", explains Shiva Guruji. The Himalayan Master reads your soul, your heart, your mind and aura and reveals your potential and life purpose. Shiva Guruji is Exponent in Vedic Soul Astrology and gives soul Readings, Mahalaxmi Readings, Aura Readings & Initiations. 
Shiva Guruji highlights the importance of knowing who you are, knowing your own nature and living according to it in full consciousness.

Would you like to encounter the living Enlightened Master from Himalaya?